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Uma estratégia de video game para Portugal

"Playing Portugal is easy. It really is. You are safe, you have plenty of time to colonize the new world before others even learn that it exists. You are meant to become a great power, you are meant to rule the world. Just start early and don't break anything. That's why Portugal is considered a country for new players."

- Encontrado na Wiki do "Europa Universalis", jogo de estratégia online.

Na wiki deste jogo de estratégia, encontrarão todo um tratado sobre como governar o país, escrito pelos criadores e jogadores do mesmo. Pleno de pérolas de conhecimento, a aproveitar por todos os gestores, comunicadores e habitantes deste belo país. Um país para newbies, portanto.

Overview geral: " We have 6 provinces on the old continent. Three of them produce fish, the other three wine. Our diet is not very diversified but very healthy... Those with wine earn for themselves. Those with fish don't. It is tempting to give half of the country to Castille right on the beginning, isn't it? Well, we don't do that. We need every single ducat we can earn to be able to build foundations for our future mighty and unbeatable colonial empire."

Sobre as Regiões autónomas: "Madeira is fully developed and produces sugar. It earns for our whole nation. We like Madeira and want more colonies like it. The other province, Azores, produces fish. This means low profits and this province seems to be more a trouble than it's worth. Not true! The Azores are one of Portugal's biggest assets. Most European countries would pay a lot to have such an island. Why? Because it is a great naval base from which all our exploration and colonization can be launched; this is where we will station our fleets and our main base of operations on the northern Atlantic. This is our future main military base, where we will station troops and ships ready to intervene anywhere our business is endangered."

Sobre Lisboa: " Another move on the map we can make early is deciding in which trading center our merchants will work. The obvious choice, our mighty capital, Lisboa, is also a stupid choice. It's poor and nobody invests his precious merchants there."

Sobre Sócrates?: " The next screen shows our king. He's not a genius, this one we have to admit. But he isn't also a total disaster. His decent administration skill is everything we need at the moment."

E o meu ensinamento preferido para Portugal segundo a Wiki do jogo: "Changing national ideas results in a stability loss, so it’s best to make your decision early and stick to it"

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Francisco Morgado Véstia disse...

... true true true true true true true ...

Da mesma maneira que o Sr. Queiroz devia jogar FM 10 horas por dia, os nossos governantes deviam passar algum tempo de volta deste jogo!!