segunda-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2009

Os gostos dos outros

Barbies das agências de comunicação, pê-erres de pêlo na venta, assessores abelhudos e estagiários reféns da redacção, vale a pena passar os olhos por esta brilhante colectânea de lugares comuns.

Alguns excertos do hilariante Stuff Journalists Like (um spin-off do igualmente genial Stuff White People Like):

Press Releases

Majority of press releases end up in a pile of potential stories or go directly in the waste bin. But occasionally a journalist will get a press release that is just too good to pass up.

These press releases are usually for events that offer free food. When journalists gets one of these press releases they will immediately drop everything they are doing, pick up the phone and RSVP to said event.


All without leaving the newsrooms, journalists have access to more information than the predecessors ever had. Google makes it possible to trace old stories, follow up on tips, scan through the day’s big headlines and read about the current round of layoffs at newspapers.In fact, when journalists want to read about the death of newspapers, their source of choice is Google News.


Interns are essentially used as mops to wipe up the day’s dullest news, allowing the professional paid journalists who get paid to focus on items that will wind up in frames and earn them the name recognition they so crave. Interns also allow journalists to pursue time worthy efforts such as griping about the death of newspapers or to write personal blogs.

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